Tell your friends to stop waxing their eyebrows and let an expert shape her eyebrows for her.

Let her know that anyone can wax her eyebrows but you know someone who can properly shape her eyebrows for her… ME.

I can teach her how to create, shape and maintain a full eyebrow shape even if she has very little.

She will also learn 1) the proper structure of the perfect eyebrow shape; 2) how to fake a full eyebrow; and 3) how to get the most efficient use of familiar eyebrow tools and products, plus much more.

If her eyebrows are ungroomed, uneven or experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss, this is the place to come to experience the art of professional eyebrow shaping and grooming. Also, I’m the perfect choice for men who don’t want their eyebrows shaped but prefer a masculine cleanup.

If your friends are still not convinced that I will do the perfect job then show them the before and after pictures on my website