If acne scars, blemishes or discoloration have graciously missed your face but instead have landed on your back, it’s time to do something about it. Summer will be here before you know it and you’ve got to ask yourself one of two questions, “Am I bringing my sexy back to the beach, wedding or bedroom?” Or “Will I spend another Summer hiding my unsexy blemished, bumpy back?”

If you, a spouse or someone else you know needs to be liberated from the above described back problems, I can help. Call me at 310-869-8383 to schedule a series of back facials. It takes on average 2-8 weeks to start seeing results.

Now ladies and gentlemen sing along with me, “I’m bringin’ (a) sexy back!”

Monique powers International Makeup Artist Eyebrow Specialist Licensed Esthetician in Santa Monica lash artist las extensions (1)

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