Brow Hero Brush

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A 3-n-1 eyebrow brush that provides two main detail brushes for enhancing definition and a spooley to groom the hairs as well as even out product.



1) Both the detail brush and angled brow brush are much smaller and less dense than standard brow brushes, thus providing a more exact and precise way to apply gel products to the eyebrows. which helps create realistic eyebrow hair when used with an eyebrow gel product.

2) This 3-n-1 brush eliminates the need to pick up 3 different brushes to groom your eyebrows. Also the handle is much shorter than standard eyebrow brushes, thus allowing you to get up close when using a magnifying mirror if needed.

How to Use

The following instructions work best on thin, sparse or missing eyebrow hairs only:

With the spoolie brush, groom your eyebrow hairs in the direction they are growing in. This is very important for optimal results.

Swipe from side to side either the angle brush or detail brush into your favorite eyebrow gel. Do not dip the brush into the gel but only swipe to get a small amount of gel onto the brush to create fine, hair-like strokes. If you are not achieving hair-like strokes, there is too much product on the brush. Swipe the excess gel into the gel cap and use the product in the cap so as to not waste any.

After each use, use the Supreme Brush Cleaner to remove the gel from the brush.

For 1 on 1 instruction on how to fill in or recreate an eyebrow, go to and sign up for Browology 101.

9 reviews for Brow Hero Brush

  1. Michelle J

    Stellar Product-Where have you been all my life ? I have been searching for a brush that would allow the precision to create a realistic brow and finally it’s been made. I love the ease of holding the brush and the seamless transition between the different tips. I am able to create a perfectly shaped brow and add fine strokes to simulate brow hairs. I love it. I need to buy another for my purse.

  2. Margaret

    I LOVE this brush! It’s awesome to have so many tools on one little gadget. The tiny brush allows for such finite strokes and help make my brows look natural and not too overdone. So happy I made this purchase!

  3. Steph

    This is the “swiss army knife” of brow brushes. A clever tool that does the job well.

  4. Aimee

    I recently purchased this brush and paired it with the brow gel. My goal was to recreate what Monique does in person, which I would call the perfect brow. The brush is absolutely amazing and made all the difference. I am able to create hair like detail without overdoing it. With very little practice, my eyebrows literally look perfect everyday.

  5. Nirali

    Hi I just wanted to write a testimonial for Monique! I had an unfortunate incident with my eyebrow threading lady the week of my head shots and thank GOD Monique came to the rescue with her Hero brush! Such an awesome invention and it looks so natural not painted on at all!! I am so greatful that I have something to cover up the eyebrow mishap until my real hair grows back in, thank you Monique for that AND for great service on my make up and hair styling too, looking forward to sharing the pics with you soon!

  6. Christine Duell

    This is my favorite new brush! It’s so much better than any other brow brush on the market. I’m able to fill in the areas of my brows with the detail brush and it looks natural.

  7. Asha (verified owner)

    Run — do not walk!!!! I’m telling you – the browhero brush and the pomade – is life changing!!! It combines the soft spooly that I love about my Tom Ford eyebrow brush – with the angled precise brush that I love about the Anastasia eyebrow brush – and then it makes it better!!! The whole brush is smaller for better handling! And the tiny brush for more precise hair strokes is amazing! The brown pomade is more long lasting and prettier/more natural color than my medium brown Anastasia and I don’t need the Anastasia clear gel for it to stay all day!!! Even in the heat!! The best part — the price point is way way cheaper than all of them!!!! This is my first time ever doing an on-line make-up review! I couldn’t help it – I am in LOVE!

  8. Sierra (verified owner)

    The Brow Hero Brush exceeded my high expectations!

  9. Maya (verified owner)

    I tried my sister’s brow hero brush and pomade and I fell in love! Now I’m ordering my own and one for my bff!

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