I had the pleasure of doing makeup and hair in Miami this past weekend for one of my best clients and friend, Laura Alaverdi. I’ve stayed in Miami before, but usually just for a night prior to boarding a cruise ship. This time I had the opportunity to stay a couple of days and it was fun! I can’t wait to post pictures of her wedding and talk about the amazing Laura Alaverdi!

In the meantime, let’s talk about me and how I STILL LOVE WEARING MAKEUP! This trip to Miami has helped me realize how much I have gotten away from playing up my eyes with dark jewel-toned colors, glitter, etc. I love it, love it, love it!

You know you love it too and have been wanting to schedule a makeup lesson but your schedule has gotten away from you and you haven’t called yet. Well, summer will be here soon and I’ve got to spray tan you and teach you how to do “less is more” golden/bronzy style makeup, etc.

Call me now at 323-356-0125 and let’s get the girls together for a group makeup lesson. Your Golden Goddess is waiting to be unleashed this summer!