I use Bioelements products on my skin and in my treatment room. This post on their blog really resonated with me because I have conversations like this with some of my clients all the time:

1. You’re over-cleansing. Cleansing twice daily is important no matter the season, but it’s easy to go overboard during warmer months. If you’re seeing more shine and oil production, cleansing your skin multiple times throughout the day is not the solution. In fact, cleansing your skin to the point where it feels dry and tight can strip it of the essential oils needed for protection. The result: an injury response that triggers oil overload, leading to congestion and breakouts. So stick to twice-daily cleansing with the right cleanser for your skin type, and reach for an oil blotting cream like Oil Control Mattifier that works from the inside out to balance skin’s oil instead of stripping it.

2. You’ve mixed up your masks. If you’re struggling with excess oil and increased congestion, ask yourself: is it acne, or something else? Clearing congestion with a clay mask can help when pores are clogged with sweat, dirt, oil, and dead skin. But for skin experiencing acne pimples (which are caused by the P. acnes bacteria), reach for a corrective treatment mask like Amino Mask – it’s packed with sulfur to penetrate pores, remove excess oils, and reduce acne pimples in just 15 minutes.

3. You’re too abrasive. While part of preventing pimples comes from keeping pores clear of dirt and dead skin, you can’t just scrub breakouts away. In fact, exfoliating at the wrong time, or with the wrong product, will do just the opposite! If you’re struggling with pimples, try a chemical exfoliant 1-3 times a week to gently dissolve dead skin and help pores remain clear.

4. You’re overreacting. This last mistake is one I see frequently: at the first sign of a breakout, a client will completely switch their entire skin care routine to one for an acne-prone skin. Just like using the wrong cleanser can make your skin problems worse, switching to a full-blown acne skin care routine when it’s not your true skin type can be just as harmful – occasional breakouts do not mean you have acneic skin. So skip the skin care overhaul, and start with a blemish cream like Breakout Control. Apply it directly to a breakout to help dry and clear it. Pro tip: This spot treatment helps prevent pimples before they even reach the surface! When you feel an “undergrounder” coming, apply Breakout Control overnight, or even under makeup to keep pimples at bay.

Not sure about your skin care regime? Schedule an appointment with me soon and let’s have a conversation about it.

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