First brows for 2016: Mine! This is my secret to what I do to myself everyday to create realistic eyebrows.

Please note: The following steps work best on properly shaped, sparse or missing eyebrow hairs. You will need a magnifying mirror because if you can’t see what you’re doing, you’ll believe you’re doing nothing. You will also need my 3-n-1 “Brow Hero” brush (coming Spring 2016).

Step 1: Brush your brows in the direction that the hair is growing in. Whether it’s up or down, dense or very little. This is very important!

Step 2: Choose a color half a shade lighter than your current hair color and create a base where you want your brows to reside on your face. (Most people have fake looking, drawn on eyebrows because they stop at this step.)

Step 3: Choose a darker shade that will compliment your current hair color to create hair-like strokes in the same direction that your eyebrow hair is growing in. If you go in the opposite direction, you will not achieve realistic looking eyebrows.

Step 4: If you or someone you know is experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment, genetics, etc. and is interested in a personal eyebrow creation lesson and/or want to pre-order my “Brow Hero” brush at a 10% discount, please call me at 310-869-8383 to discuss my available dates and time.