Today my twin brother Kirk and I will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of our 21st birthday! Yes, we’re 51 years old today! Yay!!

I believe genetics have played a role in how I’m aging but I’m also a firm believer that what I did in my 20s will continue to determine how well my skin ages. I ate right, exercised frequently and used sunscreen religiously. Also, I passed on experiencing the joy of childbearing; I don’t smoke; rarely drink, and  I absolutely do not take any drugs.  I try my best not to let negative situations and negative people (customers, clients and friends) stress me out.  Gone.

Instead, I try to focus on the good (that’s hard to do), surround myself with loving and kind people and I remember that I have

– My Faith
– My Family
– My Feline
– My Friends

that keep me grounded, make me happy and bring me joy.

Anyway… speaking of skin, this week I want to celebrate my birthday with you by gifting you $10 off your next facial appointment. Please give me the opportunity to take care of your skin between now and October 31st. Don’t deny me the pleasure of taking care of your skin! 

This act of service would make my birthday celebration complete.