I am offering to microblade your eyebrows at an introductory price of $265. Please continue reading if you’re interested.

Last weekend, I did something I once said I would never do. I finally got my eyebrows microbladed! 😃

Many of you have asked me about microblading.   Now that I have first hand experience, it’s now time for me to learn and offer you this very popular service.

My Eyebrow Confession.

Getting my eyebrows microbladed has been the best decision I’ve made so far this year!

Prior to being microbladed, I would get so many compliments on my eyebrows.  The truth is, I have very, very, very sparse eyebrows.  I honestly have less than 25% of what you think I actually have.  See my latest post on IG.

For the past 6 years, this has been my morning brow routine:  First step, I use my “Brow Hero” brush with my Brown gel to establish where my brows will reside on my face.  Second step, I will use that same brush with my Dark Brown gel to create the hairlike strokes.  I decided to get microbladed because I was finally ready to eliminate that first step.

I Am An Eyebrow Artist.

Not everyone who waxes, threads, tweezes or microblades eyebrows is an eyebrow artist.

In 2003, I learned how to create a classic eyebrow shape by tweezing and trimming only.  I never wax.  From that moment forward, I’ve been on a mission to create the most authentic, classic eyebrow shape for everyone who sits in my chair. Even if you have very little hair.  

My technique and my process is not for everyone.  I like to keep the eyebrows as full as possible, however, SOMETIMES (not very often) I have to go slightly thinner during your first visit or a subsequent visit and then create the ideal shape during a future visit. To trust me is HUGE!  A customer will come back only if she truly trusts my process.  My style is embraced by those that believe I can offer them something different. See my work on IG @browsbymoniquepowers.

For those of you like me with very little eyebrow hairs, I can help you too. But you must do the work. Very few people actually want to do the work and that’s ok too.  You would be a great candidate to microblade.

The Microblade Eyebrow Is Not for Everyone.

The microblade eyebrow is a perfect service for those that want a very natural, baseline eyebrow shape 24/7.

Some people think when they microblade their eyebrows they won’t need to to fill in their eyebrows anymore. That simply is not true, UNLESS you never do that anyway or you really don’t want to do it anymore.  If you wear very little or no makeup at all and you want a very natural, baseline shape with no daily effort on your part, I believe this service benefits you the most.

My makeup routine is more than the natural look.  For those of you whose makeup style is more or similar to mine, a microbladed eyebrow will get lost or disappear with a face full of makeup on.  As a result, you need to emphasize your brows with enough brow color, (pencil, shadow, or gel) to complete your look.  For some of you, this might be a dealbreaker to get microbladed. This wasn’t a dealbreaker for me because I went in with the desire to still want to fill in my eyebrows.

The microbladed eyebrow will not take the place of regular eyebrow maintenance either.  Hair that grows outside of your microbladed shape will still need to be removed. Hair that grows within your microbladed shape will still need to be trimmed.

What I learned during my microblade experience.

The person that shapes your eyebrows should also be the ONLY ONE to microblade you as well.
If someone else microblades you, there is a good chance that you will be thoroughly disappointed with the shape. Not because it’s a bad shape (maybe it is), but because it’s a new shape that you’re not accustomed to looking at. I’ve seen many great microbladed eyebrows, but hard-pressed to find the SHAPE to also be ideal.

If a microblade artist has no prior experience in eyebrow artistry, the best you’re going to get is a textbook eyebrow shape that she learned during training.
I’ve known all along that a fantastic microblade artist is exceptional at the microblade technique AND is exceptional at eyebrow artistry as well (i.e., horizontal symmetry, a beautiful arch, etc.)  This is extremely important because a bad microblade eyebrow shape will change your look, your mood and your life for at least the next 18 months.

You must absolutely 100% love your eyebrow mapping PRIOR TO BEING MICROBLADED.
I learned very early in my career as a makeup artist, that it is crucial that the client feels she has the final say in how her makeup looks.  I actually expect and welcome changes to any makeup style that I create.  The microblade technique is no different.  You should only approve an eyebrow map that you are 100% in love with. Anything short of that, and you will experience a lot of sleepless nights and regret because you did not speak up when you had the chance.

My Microblade Service

Do you think or know if you want me to microblade your eyebrows?  If so, I will take an intensive training class to learn this very popular service. The training is non-refundable and I will do it IF this is something that many of you are honestly interested in.

As many of you know, whenever I embark on learning a new skill, I alway offer the service at an incredibly low introductory price.  This is no different.  To indicate that many of you are serious about receiving this service, I will need at least 10 people to prepay an introductory service price of $265 by Tuesday, March 15th for an appointment beginning in the Fall of 2022 through the end of the year 2023. This is only for those that have never received a brow microblade service before.  This price will include the initial service, touch-up appointment and home care products. After March 15th and once I am trained and competent in performing the service, I WILL NEVER AGAIN OFFER THIS SERVICE AT SUCH A RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICE. 😃

You may pre-purchase a microblade brow service through Venmo, Zelle or PayPal. I prefer Venmo or Zelle.  Your payment is non-refundable.  However, if you change your mind, you may apply the funds to any other future appointment.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.  I’m really excited about learning and offering this new service to you.