A Lash Lift makes your natural lashes look like Lash Extensions for 6-8 weeks.

WHAT is it? This is an alternative, NO MAINTENANCE lash solution for those that like the look of lash extensions but are too sensitive or not interested in lash extensions.

WHY would I want this service? This service is perfect for those that:

  • Cannot or do not want lash extensions
  • Have straight lashes
  • Do not use or are afraid to use a lash curler
  • Have a low maintenance beauty routine
  • Want to have a more awake and youthful appearance

HOW does it work? First, I affix your lashes to a soft silicone rod wth a water-soluble adhesive.  Then I apply a lifting solution which is safe, effective and gentle enough for those sensitive to lash extension adhesive.  It also has no chance of getting into your eyes because it has the consistency of toothpaste!  Next, I apply a neutralizing solution for about 5 minutes, And finally, I use a damp cotton pad to remove your lashes from the rod and Voila! Your lashes appear to be more longer and noticeably more visible for all to see!

WHEN should I do it?  ASAP!  There are only 8 days left to take advantage of the 25% off February discount.

WHERE? By appointment only at 626 Broadway, #121, Santa Monica, CA 90401.  You can schedule your appointment online or call/text (310) 869-8383.

Not interested?  Please forward to a friend! ?