May I do your nails, please? That will be the question I will ask many of you in a few months.

If you don’t already know,  I’ve decided to go back to school to get my Manicurist license. Yay! Today is my first day and I’m really eager to learn how to shape, create, and paint beautiful nails and designs. Second, I’m so SUPER EXCITED to wear black scrubs instead of the dreadful white ones I had to wear when I was studying esthetics.  They’re so comfortable and I really love the shape and style so much that I think this will be my new work uniform too. I might switch it up by wearing white scrub bottoms but most of the time I’ll be wearing all black scrubs to work.

Anyway, if you’ve been my client for more than 6 months and up to the last 13 years, you know that I’m always learning, growing, taking classes, and expanding my wheelhouse of beauty services.  There’s so much to learn in my industry and I have to pick and choose the services I would like to do and also which ones you would like to receive.

Why am I interested in becoming a nail technician?

I personally do my own manicures and pedicures at home but on the rare occasion I get a pedicure done, I am usually disappointed with the final results. While a few of you have finally found “your girl”, the rest of you have told me about your experiences and I know that you too feel the same way that I do.   We are skeptical, concerned and disappointed with the choices available out there.

There are some very good, clean and creative nail technicians around and my goal is to be counted as one of them in Southern California. The only way I know how to do that is going to school to learn, study and to practice, practice, practice.

I’m looking forward to you being part of my journey.  I hope you’ll want to be part of my journey as I’ll need hands and feet to practice on.  Your input will help me become the best nail technician I can be.