Approach your skincare the same way you do your footwear!

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets colder, drier and sometimes wet. If you’re like me, don’t you change up your footwear based on the weather outside?  We want our feet to be comfortable and protected, right.  We should approach our skincare the same way: desiring comfort and protection at all times.

What is the Purpose of a Mask?  I think it’s safe to say that we all know what cleansers and moisturizers are and what they are used for.  But I think many people are unclear of the purpose and benefits of using a facial mask.  A mask is the “treatment” portion of a professional facial and at-home skincare routine.  Which one will benefit you?

  • Clay mask for oily skin
  • Hydrating mask for dry/dehydrated skin
  • Salicylic mask for acne skin
  • Purging mask for congested or smoker’s skin
  • Collagen mask for wrinkles and mature skin
  • Radiance mask for dull and puffy skin

Generally speaking, you would not use the same mask all year long. You would choose an appropriate mask based on your skincare needs during a specific season in your life (i.e, aging, stress, hormones, weather, etc.)

How Can You Get a Free Facial?  I’m introducing 2 new facials:

  • Collagen Rehab Facial – Targets loss of firmness, lines, wrinkles, rough skin texture and aging skin
  • Radiance Rescue Facial – Targets dull skin, dehydration, flakiness, lines/wrinkles, and aging skin

When you schedule an Express Facial (deep cleanse, mask, plus hydration; no extractions) by November 15, 2017, AND purchase either the Collagen Rehab Mask or Radiance Rescue Mask with Pumice Peel or Measured Micrograins, your facial will be FREE.  You do have the option of not purchasing any products and paying only for the facial ($45).

Schedule your appointment soon and let’s talk about ingredients, how to use these masks, multi masking, etc.

No Time For a Facial?  Call me at (310) 869-8383 and let’s talk about how you can get 10% off these same products.  You must call me by November 15, 2017, to get the discount.

Why is it better for me to assess your skin than for you to continue to obsess over it?  Because I can change your skin!