I think everybody looks happier, healthier,  and skinnier with a gorgeous tan!  You don’t need one?  I bet you know someone who does!  sealed

It’s never too early or too gloomy to start thinking about how often you or someone you know want/need to look tan this Summer for weddings, holidays, vacations, etc. and now you can save money doing it!

I usually offer my spray tan package exclusively to my Members only BUT TODAY THROUGH JUNE 3RD, I will offer my package to first-time customers as well. smile

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A CLIENT, but not a Member, I will offer the same package to you when you refer a friend to purchase a spray tan package.

– You may purchase up to 2 spray tan packages

– Packages never expire

– They are non-transferable

Call (310) 869-8383 to purchase your package today.

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Let’s do this or gift it to someone today!