I bet your guy is sweating right now because he thought he got you everything you wanted for Christmas and he is fresh out of ideas for Valentine’s Day.

He really doesn’t want your help but he desperately needs your help in finding the perfect gift.

Just tell him you want something inside a little red box from Monique Powers Beauty Boutique.  Here are some ideas:

  1. Gift Certificate #1 – Makeup Lesson
  2. Gift Certificate #2 – Makeup Application
  3. Gift Certificate #3 – Lash Extensions plus Brow Shaping (or just Lash Extensions)
  4. Gift Certificate #4 – Lash Lift plus Brow Shaping (or just Lash Lift)
  5. Gift Certificate #5 – Brow Shaping
  6. Gift Certificate #6 – Organic Spray Tan

Review a detailed list of my services and rates here and create your own Gift Certificate.

Tell him to call me today at 310-869-8383 to purchase your Certificates and receive 25% off.